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Services offered

By aiming to support a safe and sustainable return to work, our services are framed with a view to a return to health. In order to achieve this goal, our interventions target not only the individual who presents with a disability at work, but also the individual's interaction with the workplace and the workplace itself.

We address all parties (employers, trade unions, insurers) who wish to offer appropriate support to people with disabilities who present with one or more of the following issues:

  • Difficult and complex personalities;
  • Addictive behaviours related to substance abuse;
  • Mild and transient to severe and persistent psychological disorders;
  • Multiple and/or prolonged periods of disability;
  • Bereaved persons;
  • Suicidal ideation;
  • Concomitant chronic and disabling physical pain (fibromyalgia or somatoform or musculoskeletal disorders).

Vocational rehabilitation services

Assessment of the individual’s needs and employability

  • History and events leading up to the work stoppage
  • Impact on psychological health and functioning
  • Ongoing monitoring and treatment
  • The individual’s needs and goals

Reactivation and mobilization customized to the individual’s situation

  • Support in establishing meaningful routines and activities in the work schedule
  • Exploration and implementation of energy and emotion management strategies
  • Integration of healthy lifestyle habits
  • Optimization of cognitive and functional abilities

Support for professional reflection and decision-making

  • Support in identifying needs, values and priorities
  • Exploring strengths and interests
  • Examining employment options

Solving complex employment issues

  • Liaison and consultation with key players (employer, insurer, medical and therapeutic teams).
  • Tripartite meetings
  • Preparation and implementation of a gradual return-to-work protocol

Guidance and support during the employment reintegration phase

  • Support in consolidating learning
  • Support in the implementation of emotional and energy management strategies
  • Support in the integration of an occupational routine adapted to the return to work
  • Liaison and consultation with key players


By providing access to telehealth, we serve all of Quebec in both French and English.

For in-person interventions, we travel mainly in the Greater Montreal area but also in the most remote regions of Quebec upon request.


Please contact us to find out about our fees for rehabilitation services.