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Our values

Acta Rehabilitation is also a practice created with a set of values that govern our intervention method and business philosophy. We carry this philosophy of intervention throughout our practice, in concert with the needs of individuals and workplaces.


Acta Rehabilitation is open to differences in pathways, ideals and perceptions among the variety of actors involved in the rehabilitation process. We are open in our approach to different and legitimate cultures, religions and social realities and we treat our clients with a conciliatory and coherent approach based on the unique needs of the individuals concerned.


Caring is expressed in the individualized approach we wish to offer a clientele that is in pain and seeking help with which they feel comfortable and in an environment of exchange that encourages the ongoing improvement of their condition.


Respect is the backbone of conscientious discussions with anyone in society. Acta Rehabilitation is a team of clinicians who have been working for more than a decade with individuals who are struggling with issues and who require validation, support and guidance based on this same respect and humanity.


Acta Rehabilitation’s approach is based on adaptability, listening, creativity and the search for solutions in real time. We work in a context where continuous innovation is a tool that guarantees unequivocal quality and the professionalism we refer to is part of a changing social and psychological context and in line with the human beings we serve as health professionals.