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Our team of consultants

What makes us different

We act in collaboration and complementarity with pre-existing services in order to offer series of services aimed at positively affecting health and ensuring a sustainable return to work. We offer clinical expertise covering a broad spectrum of psychological health issues, including from very complex situations to those typically encountered in disability. We are a team of expert rehabilitation consultants, each with rich and complementary clinical experience.


Marie-Claude Hébert

Rehabilitation Consultant
Accredited Mediator (UdeS/IMAQ)

Marie-Claude Hébert has worked as an Occupational Therapist in vocational rehabilitation and mental health for more than 12 years and has a wealth of clinical experience in a variety of contexts and with clients with complex health problems. She also has two years of experience as a Rehabilitation Consultant with clients with disabilities, using her clinical expertise and her mobilizing leadership. In recent years, she has acquired significant experience in team coordination and management, as well as training in civil and commercial mediation. She is therefore a major asset in the resolution of conflicts and issues in a professional setting.
Social worker

Benoit Lesage

Rehabilitation Consultant

Benoit Lesage comes from a background in prevention and rehabilitation for populations suffering from mental health problems, He has worked at various public and private institutions as a Social Worker, Consultant and Clinical Coordinator. Throughout his varied professional career, he has been able to capitalize on his intervention expertise in addiction, bereavement, suicidal crisis, psychosocial rehabilitation, violence and occupational disability. Having participated in the creation of subspecialized programs in Quebec and trained a variety of actors in various intervention approaches, Mr. Lesage has strong clinical assets, focused on the helping relationship and clinical supervision of stakeholders.
Clinical Nurse

Guillaume Le Moigne

Rehabilitation Consultant

Guillaume Le Moigne is a Clinical Nurse by training and has followed a rich professional trajectory in environments as diverse as emergency, psychiatry, medicine and crisis intervention services. Mr. Le Moigne has acted as an agent of change and his management experiences have enabled him to initiate the development of the mission, orientations and clinical approaches of several specialized mental health organizations and programs in Quebec. He has also worked as a Trainer and Consultant for institutional and community stakeholders.
He is interested in relational tools that promote synergy between individuals and the consistency of actions. He has developed versatile expertise and an adapted understanding of the psychological and biomedical issues that affect occupational health with disability clients.
Rehabilitation Consultant

Piera Gagnon

Career counsellor

Having completed her studies to become a career counsellor, Piera has several years of experience in working with clients presenting multiple problems. These varied experiences have highlighted her need to make a difference and help people regain their balance. In the last years, Piera has further developed her expertise in the field of rehabilitation, working with veterans and clients suffering from burnout. So far, her career has enabled her to acquire clinical expertise and solid skills in mental health, psychosocial rehabilitation and crisis management. She is dedicated to supporting each client through the difficulties they face and uses her knowledge to offer customized support for every situation.

Frédéric Oliva

Rehabilitation Consultant

Frédéric has a unique background. Initially holding a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, he developed a keen interest in the relationship between mental health and various musculoskeletal issues at an early stage. In this context, he gained experience in pain clinics and was introduced to strategic therapy from a biopsychosocial perspective. Subsequently, he completed his Master's degree in Physiotherapy and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. With a highly relevant background in psychological health, he brings a unique component linked to his experience as a physiotherapist in behavioral reactivation.
Clinical nurse

Maude Leduc-Préfontaine

Rehabilitation Consultant

Maude has been a clinical nurse for nearly 13 years and is on track to complete a Master's degree in Advanced Nursing Practice - Clinical Profile with a specialization in the prevention/remission of work-related psychological trauma. Throughout her career, she has worked in mental health, particularly in specialized addiction services. It is in these contexts that she developed a particular interest in First Nations by completing training in cultural safety. Furthermore, she diversified her practice by being one of the first Quebec nurses to undertake a professional experience in France for 6 years. There, she developed highly advanced expertise related to a population with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues.
Clinical nurse

France Bousquet

Rehabilitation Consultant

France Bousquet is a clinical nurse specializing in mental health with substantial experience in supporting individuals experiencing functional impairment due to psychological health reasons. Over the years, she has developed expertise in concurrent disorders, specifically focusing on individuals dealing with personality disorders. In her approach, she combines individual and group interventions centered around behavioral activation. She employs various approaches in her practice to enhance reflection and redefine a more balanced alignment with individuals' needs. Notably, she excels in motivational and solution-focused approaches, promoting psychoeducational content that integrates mindfulness and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Drawing from her experience as a specialist in clinical activities within the healthcare and community network, she has been invited to share her expertise at conferences as a speaker or coach, addressing therapeutic impasses. In her role as a rehabilitation consultant, she has gained expertise in disability resolution and collaborates with various stakeholders to safely facilitate gradual return-to-work initiatives.

Administrative assistant

Martine Goulet

The Acta Réadaptation team is fortunate to have the support of Martine Goulet as an administrative assistant since January 2023. Martine holds a Diploma of Collegial Studies in Secretarial Studies and a Vocational Studies Diploma in Office Automation. With over 19 years of experience, she served as an administrative assistant at the Montreal Police Service, initially in human resources and later in the Security and Integrity Division. She is recognized for her diligence, attention to detail, and dedication to the team.